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Cleveland Economic Reports

Download comprehensive reports that cover economic development, business projects, business growth, and other items related to the economic environment of Cleveland.

Annual Reports to Council

The Department of Economic Development publishes an annual report to City Council of all activities over the past year. Click on the links below to find out more about the Department's initiatives, success stories, and economic development projects throughout the City of Cleveland. 

2010 Annual Report to Council          2011 Annual Report to Council

2012 Annual Report to Council          2013 Annual Report to Council 

014 Annual Report to Council          2015 Annual Report to Council

2016 Annual Report to Council          2017 Annual Report to Council        

Department of Economic Development, Annual Jobs Report

City of Cleveland, Department of Economic Development's Annual Reporting of Total Jobs to be Created and Retained by City funded projects including years 2006-2014.

The infographic provided along side the original report presents the same information through graphical representation. (Click on the reports to get a closer look.)


Downtown Quarterly & Annual Reports

Every three months Downtown Cleveland Alliance releases a new Quarterly Market Update, which provides an update on the office, housing, hospitality, retail and transportation markets in Downtown Cleveland. The update also provides insight into major downtown developments in the last fiscal quarter. Below you will find the market updates for the past year. 

      2018: Q1

      2017: Q1  |  Q2 |  Q3  |  Q4 

      2016: Q1  |  Q2   |  Q3  |  Q4 

      2015: Q1  |  Q2  |  Q3  |  Q4 

      2014:  Q1 |  Q2  |  Q3  |  Q4 

Annual Reports: 2014

Office & Industrial Snapshots

CRESCO Real Estate provides a quarterly snapshot of the Industrial & Office markets in Cleveland.

      Q4 2014 Office     Q4 2014 Industrial

      Q3 2015 Office      Q3 2015 Industrial

      Q4 2015 Office      Q4 2015 Industrial

      Q1 2016 Office      Q1 2016 Industrial

      Q2 2016 Office      Q2 2016 Industrial


Quarterly Economic Reviews for Northeast Ohio 

Quarterly regional economic reports produced by TeamNEO provide a fact-based overview of the regional economy as well as in-depth analysis of industries and economic trends. 

February 2018 QER Assessment  |  Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Recovering from Great Recession

November 2017 QER Assessment | Industry Diversification

June 2017 QER Assessment | NEO Food Industry by the Numbers

February 2017 QER Assessment | Biomedical Industry by the Numbers

September 2016 QER Assessment | Manufacturing by the Numbers

June 2016 QER Assessment | Cost of Doing Business

March 2016 QER Assessment | NEO Exports Increase 40% Since Pre-Recession Levels


Health Line Tour Guide

Take a tour of Cleveland's Health-Tech Corridor with our Health Line Tour Guide. This guide highlights the recent developments along the Health Tech Corridor in addition to its nationally renown Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT). The transit line along the Health Tech Corridor has spurred 5.8 billion in follow-on development, by far the highest in the US. Cleveland's Health Tech Corridor emerged from a strategy to use the power of local anchor institutions to attract businesses and is truly the result of a successful public private partnership. 

Gardening for Greenbacks Annual Reports

In the summer of 2008, the City of Cleveland introduced and passed legislation which created the Gardening for Greenbacks Program that provides grants up to $3,000 to businesses, merchants, or local farmers that operate a for-profit urban garden in the City of Cleveland. In 2012, with the combined efforts of CoBank, AgriBank, and Farm Credit Mid- America, these organizations made a pledge of $135,000 over a 5-year period to support the continued success of the Program. With their added support, Cleveland increased the GFG grant from $3,000 up to $5,000 per qualified applicant. This report summarizes the annual winners of this award.

2017 CoBank Report                    2016 CoBank Report 

2015 CoBank Report                    2014 CoBank Report 

2013 CoBank Report