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    Technical Ceramics Giants Showcase Products for Tomorrow's Heat Treatment, Clean Power, Optical & Electronics Industries at Ceramics Expo 2018

    The Cleveland event runs from May 1-3, 2018 at the IX Center and promises more than ever to provide the perfect platform for world-leading innovators to showcase the results of their high-level R&D, novel technologies and ever-broadening field of applications. Wider product range and increased internationality at this year's event will see more live demos that bring advancements to life.
    Ceramics Expo brings together the entire ceramic manufacturing supply chain as well as engineers and technical leads from across the medical, automotive, electronics, aerospace and defense and energy sectors to source new materials and technologies, network with like-minded professionals, and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the ceramic industry.
    In its fourth year, Ceramics Expo will host 300 global manufacturers and suppliers from across the ceramic manufacturing supply chain including CoorsTek, Morgan Advanced Materials, Saint-Gobain, and many more. Running concurrent to the exhibition is Conference @ Ceramics Expo, where over 60 speakers will share their technical expertise in ceramics and provide real-world case studies, new technologies and materials, along with information on industry trends.
    Some of the exhibitors showcasing their innovations include:
    Part of the largest technical ceramics group in the world, Saint-Gobain High-Performance Refractories has a number of cutting-edge contributions. For instance, Norfoam ceramic foam products are of the highest refractoriness while their extreme purity with minimum free silica content allows them to be used in applications such as heat treatment furnaces or under severe atmosphere conditions. These foams can be installed in furnace roofs, doors or any space where traditional bricks or fiber insulations are too large or heavy, and they open up design opportunities for lighter and more reliable linings. The outstanding thermal shock resistance ensures shorter cycles and potential energy savings.
    CoorsTek picked up the 2018 Gold Edison Award in the category of Energy and Sustainability for its active ceramic membrane technology. These newly developed membranes enable cleaner, simpler and less expensive conversion of natural gas to fuels and chemicals than existing chemical processing technologies. They make production of hydrogen from abundant, low-cost natural gas so efficient that it has the potential to make hydrogen production a cleaner and more economical option for automotive fuelling, which clearly could be a game changer and is the culmination of decades of global research collaboration.”
    Converting concepts into actual products is at the heart of Ceramics Expo’s ambitions. CeramTec together with DESKO, a renowned German scanner manufacturer, developed a robust solution for protecting glass plates. A laminate of the transparent high-performance PERLUCOR ceramics is applied to the glass. With a relative transparency of more than 90%, capturing of the scanning data is ensured without compromise. The material is three to four times stronger and harder than glass. PERLUCOR permanently protects scanners against mechanical influences or even vandalism. It’s resistant to industrial acid and lye, regardless of concentration, temperature and duration of exposure. Where else will we see it? Well, displays in technical devices such as smartphones or other touchscreens spring to mind.
    Kyocera, a fast growing company– just announced that it is building a new facility in Kagoshima that will produce ceramic packages for electronic and semiconductor components, including SMD and CMOS devices, to support the explosion of IoT. Once on-stream in August 2019, it will bring a 25% increase in the company’s total production capacity for ceramic packages used to house SMD*1 electronic devices and CMOS*2 image sensors. Kyocera is strong in this part of the world too and has a robust new industrial laser device package offering excellent thermal conductivity, hermetically sealed high-current leads, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion using cost-effective copper and ceramic materials – made and assembled in North America.
    These are a few examples from the 300 exhibitor presentations that will feature at Ceramics Expo 2018.
    Registration to attend is free. Register here. Media are invited to attend Ceramics Expo. In the meantime, here is the link to our Show Preview