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Innovative Companies

Cleveland has leveraged our manufacturing history to create a new economy; one that is global and driven by innovation and ideas, much different than the industrial economy of the past. As Seth Goldin has written in the magazine Fast Company: “The first 100 years of our country’s history were about who could build the biggest, most efficient farm. The second 100 years were about the race to build efficient factories. The third 100 years are about ideas.” In order for Cleveland to compete globally, and to create new opportunities for prosperity, it must encourage and support companies with the ideas to drive innovation. Below is a short list of some of those companies in Cleveland.


8501 Carnegie Avenue
Founded in 2009 as an innovation spin off from Cleveland Clinic, Explorys addresses the national imperative to leverage big data in healthcare for the improvement of medicine and delivery of care.  Originally inspired by physicians and informatics leaders, Explorys combines the most powerful healthcare computing platform in the world with turnkey solutions for clinical integration, at-risk population management, cost of care measurement, and pay-for-performance solutions.  Since its founding, it has developed the world’s most scalable platform for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and one of the largest healthcare databases in the world derived from numerous and diverse financial, operational, and medical record source systems.  Its healthcare customers include some of the most prominent healthcare systems in the United States. 


Talis Clinical 

6555 Carnegie Avenue (MidTown Tech Park)
When the Cleveland Clinic determined in 2008 that its anesthesia information management system wasn’t meeting its needs, the Clinic charged leaders within its own walls with creating a more innovative system. The technology that resulted, and another innovative IT system that’s been used alongside it in Clinic operating rooms since 2010, was commercialized for use in the Clinic and other institutions.

Talis Clinical was formed to meet the higher purpose of supporting safe patient care, while positively impacting the clinicians and providers.   This extensive development moved from documenting complex anesthesia work flows to providing guidance that could expose opportunities to improve patient care in real-time at the point of care.  This tool supports the Cleveland Clinic and is leveraged as the standard of care in about 300 operating rooms.


3615 Superior Avenue (Tyler Village)

SparkBase is a gift card and loyalty platform that allows businesses to recognize and reward customers wherever and whenever they engage with their brand.  A pioneer in the field, SparkBase combines best-in-class, proprietary technology with nearly a decade of experience in the loyalty industry.  Thousands of businesses in the United States and Internationally trust SparkBase to power their gift cards and loyalty program and more than 100 resellers choose SparkBase as their preferred loyalty provider. 

SparkBase entered the stored-value industry in early 2004 as the first truly independent gift and loyalty processing network. SparkBase continues to lead in innovation with its proprietary gateway, using patent pending technologies for processing stored value transactions with traditional cards, and new mobile payments methods like SMS messaging. Developed in house at their headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, SparkBase has quickly emerged as a leader in gift and reward processing.